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Ok it turns out that both ScriptLink and CssRegistration are not available in Sandboxed solutions. These are in Microsoft.SharePoint.WebControls namespace and you don’t have access to that in Sandboxed solutions. The fix is to use <link> tag for CSS. Example: <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="<% $SPUrl:~sitecollection/style ...


There are three ways to add a Web Part (or something similar) to a SharePoint Online site. Use a Sandbox Solution. You create the Sandbox Solution with the Web Part and upload it the the Solution Gallery of the Site Collection in SharePoint Online the same way you would on-premises. Note that Sandbox Solutions that contain managed code are deprecated and ...


You can develop app for SharePoint solutions in Visual Studio 2013 if Microsoft SharePoint 2013 is installed on a remote server. However, you must install Microsoft SharePoint 2013 locally before you can develop other SharePoint solutions. So in your case if you are not targeting an app then its not possible to develop SharePoint solutions. To remotely ...


I had the same error, and I just closed and reopened my PowerShell window to make it work. Hope this can help in some cases.

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