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Try using the same Google RSS feed URL without HTTPS, then it should work. so instead of https://news.google.com/news/feeds?cf=all&ned=in&hl=en&topic=n&output=rss use http://news.google.com/news/feeds?cf=all&ned=in&hl=en&topic=n&output=rss I did a quick test and it worked in SP when using the HTTP URL but not ...


It is really simple. The best way is creating an External list using Visual Studio. Here is a service class I wrote. public partial class BlogArticleService { private const string FeedUrl = "http://blogs.microsoft.com/feed/"; private const string DateDisplayFormat = "MM-dd-yyyy"; private static List<BlogArticle> blogArticles = new ...


Its feasible, but that would be a lot of work. First you would probably need to set up a custom BCS connection that hits a Facebook web service or RSS feed. Then create a facebook content type(s) that is Posts, etc. How often do you want to query Facebook for content? You will have to pick apart the data and put the data where it needs to go, in specific ...


In the Item Limit section, you can limit the number of items and days to include in an RSS feed. from https://support.office.com/en-gb/article/Manage-RSS-feeds-08a3ed69-1883-42c2-af56-4493bc13912a


RSS Feed Limit will limit the number of items display in the web part. Let's say if you want to display 1st 10 items from the feed into web part then you need to set that property to 10. By default, limits RSS feeds to 5 items.


Yea, I would try to setup Kerberos. That's the only way i've gotten this to work in the past. But I would also back up and say, why do you need to do this? Can you use the content query webpart to achieve similar results?


Have you tried viewing the web page in question as the Crawl Account to see what content the RSS View is displaying?

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