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Your backup is running on a farm with November 2014 Cumulative update ( 15.0.4667.1000 ) installed while the farm you are trying to restore the backup to is running only on Service Pack 1 ( ​​15.0.4569.1000 ). Install the November 2014 CU to the environment you are trying to restore your backup to and then try again. You should only need to apply the ...


You can check the last modified date of Solution File to which the recent fixes correspond to. Go to central admin site Click on System Settings Click on "Manage Farm Solutions" Click on the solution you are interested. Check the last operation time


Granular restore operations require the use of Powershell as no UI in Central Administrator exists. This cmdlet is used to restore sites, list, and libraries exported with “export site or list” option in central administrator or using export-spweb cmdlet. For Example: import-spweb -identity http://contosoweb/ -path \\appserver\bu\list.cmp Note: You ...


Thanks for your reply. I managed to sort this yesterday. I had to edit the versions of the database due to a Schema mismatch error. After that I was able to create a new Site Collection and add the restored database as the Content Database for that site.

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