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You could create a SSA in a test environment and restore the backups of the SSA databases. Then write some PowerShell to dump the configuration. That is the only way I can think to do it.


You can do it from Central Administration. Go to Central admin > Monitoring > Review Timer Job Status Then click on Running Timer Job Now please see if Restore Job is running, Click and Stop it.


We had this issue many times, In our cases. The fix was, Make sure site is not locked. For some reason, SharePoint restore process put a Lock on the Site collection which causes this issue. Could you please check this from Central admin > application management > Configure Quota and Locks...On this make sure your site is not locked.


You can't restore a site from site collection backup. Couple of things you can do. So big thing, if you have access to Production farm. You can export the Site from production and restore it. Use export-spweb & import-spweb You can use the Central admin and export the site. If you have the Content Database Backup then you can export the web using the ...


A Site Collection backup contains all Webs within the Site Collection. It is not possible to extract any one particular Web from the Site Collection for restore.

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