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Yes, You need to set the url for the HNSC. Even url comes with the content DB but not accessable. SO follow these steps. Mount-SPContentDatabase -Name -DatabaseServer -WebApplication -confirm:$false Get-SPSite -ContentDatabase | Format-Table -Property Url, ID Set-SPSite -Identity -Url Now test it.


You can use PowerShell to Restore Content Databse Backup Restore-SPSite -Identity <Site collection URL> -Path <Backup file> [-DatabaseServer <Database server name>] [-DatabaseName <Content database name>] [-HostHeader <Host header>] [-Force] [-GradualDelete] [-Verbose] <Site collection URL> - Will be the URL of the ...


This error is occurred when you have the mismatch between the backup farm and restore farm.You should make sure Both farm( Source & target) should be on same patch level. You cant go from Higher Version of SharePoint to Low version. as you mentioned your source farm is higher version then target. ...


Farm admin account should need these two permission in order to create a database on sql. DB_Creator SecurityAdmin Also make sure farm admin is part of local admin on the SharePoint server.


are you using the network service account for the restore? why not use the regular with local admin rights on the server and permission on DB server. if you want to set the permission on registry then follow this: Open the registry by run regedit on the server where the SP2010 is installed. Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\MICROSOFT\OFFICE SERVER\14.0 ...

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