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I dont see any impact /side effect on SSRS while Updating the SharePoint farm to SP1. But the only way you can see any potential issue you have to apply the CU in lower farm(test/dev) first, then test it. I would recommend move the production data in dev farm and then apply the CU and do the testing. This will give you maximum comfort.


PirateEric's comment is correct. Though, it's not that SSRS respects item level permissions, as SSRS is just making calls like any other app. So it's entirely the responsibility of SharePoint to implement permissions. If SSRS makes the call as a user with access to everything, then the report will have everything. If SSRS makes the call as the current user, ...


Moving to answer. Run Install-SPRSService and Install-SPRSServiceProxy. Create the SA after that.


I was in a similar situation, and what I did was to use Nintex Workflow to do an "execute SQL" action to write new form submissions out to a database I use purely for reporting purposes. If you don't have Nintex Workflow, ilovesharepoint has an "Execute SQL" SPD add-in for SP2010. The only issue I found is, because of how workflows work; you cannot easily ...


Check if the SSRS report running via stored credentials. If so, it's connecting via the list with that account, not as the user.


I had the same problem in Sharepoint 2010. All my reports used shared datasets. I had to remap the datasource for each dataset and this solved my problem. Thanks for your help.

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