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I would prefer the SharePoint for the tickting system, easy to use customization options Alerts, workflows etc Use BI tools to get the reports archiving the old tickets( if proper planed). Search. Only drawback for advance features you need the Enterprise License. Here are two Example of Ticketing systems, which will help you understand it. ...


Data in SharePoint has more advantage than storing in SQL. Search Workflow Alerts and Emails Automatic remainders Easily scale (Database or by extending farm) Powerview (SharePoint Enterprise) Export to excel and then create adhoc reports Easy form creation (Any change in fields will automatically updates the CRUD UI)


SharePoint uses WCF through web services. SharePoint's web services surfaces a wide variety of data including lists, user information, sites, alerts, forms, search, webparts, etc. all can use CRUD operations. This is built on top of WCF. See here for more info. REST is another technology that SharePoint 2013 allows to surface data for CRUD operations. It ...


You can try to write custom code in VB integrated in to report file Check this post for using custom code in report builder

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