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The WSP name for a solution is defined within the Package\Package.package file of the solution as the “name” property inside the element. You need to open the code/project using Visual Studio, go to the Package file and then change the "name" attribute value to the desired modified name, and rebuild it. VS2010: Changing the SharePoint wsp file name


Open The Package.Package file and change then Name attribute. Example <package xmlns:dm0="http://schemas.microsoft.com/VisualStudio/2008/DslTools/Core" dslVersion="" Id="d3150724-5644-479c-99f3-fc99af5bfdc6" solutionId="d3150724-5644-479c-99f3-fc99af5bfdc6" resetWebServer="true" sharePointProductVersion="15.0" name="NEWNAME" ...

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