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You still need to show these pages that are filtered somehow. Did you have an ordinary list view in mind? If yes, then (provided this is SP2013 we are talking about) you would have to develop a custom web part (it can be just script/content editor web part with html/javascript) which would get the possible refiner values (directly from TermSet or via search ...


Try changing your query to IsDocument=1 OR ContentType=DocumentSet.


To make this happen you need to add a Managed Property in your Search Service Application. You find the existing Managed Properties in the Queries and Results section named Search Schema. Type isDocument in the filter section and hit the green button with a white arrow. You should see this: It tells is that the isDocument managed property returns all ...


I might have found it now. I changed the values of the property called owstaxIdTaxKeyword for Refine and Sort which were set to No to Yes - active so I can use it as a refiner. Of course only Refine has to be set to use it as a refiner. In there I found the values. Can anybody confirm, that that is the right one for enterprise keywords?

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