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If you export the web part and locate the JSON string that contains the "refinerConfigurations" you can change the "useDefaultDateIntervals":false and then set your own intervals like "intervals":[-365,-180,-30,-7,-1]. Dates in the past are negative and the future are positive. If you don't know how to export and import a web part let me know and I'll add ...


You can just create a web part page and add the necessary search web parts. Search Box, Refinement and Results are just web parts. The query can be passed on the query string or you can include a link to this page.


I encountered the same error a few days ago. Reported it to MS Support and they told me there might be a bug in SharepointOnline which causes the Managed Properties page to default to the incorrect level of site instead of sitecol So avoid using this URL _layouts/15/managedproperty.aspx?property=RefinableString00&level=site And simply use this URL ...

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