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I just found that in while creating the datasheet view, we need to select 'Show all items without folders' instead of 'show items inside folder'. 'Show items inside folder' works only if it is a Standard View. Thanks all for your time.


DataSheet view components might/are not installed properly.


Long story short (maybe too short): Document Center is for 'living' documents (imagine 'write' permission, often updated) Records Center is for 'coma' documents (imagine 'read only' permission, not updated) BTW there's a nice comparison called "Document Center vs. Records Center", including quite thorough performance comparison, highly recommended.


Well, of course I figured this out not long after posting the question. I saw something in the ULS logs about not finding or not Assessing the OfficialFile.asmx so I looked at permissions groups. I noticed a group named "Records Center Web Service Submitters" and I added my user to that group. Re-executed the code posted above and it returned success and ...

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