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You can create a library on root site which contains all the Policy documents. Than after you need to create a webpart to show policies to users like below. On the acceptance of any document, You need to insert the same document name with accepted (Current Login) user & current date time to any list. Once the user clicks on it, You must have to ...


With the new version of CSOM released for office 365, Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.RecordsRepository.Records namespace can help to declare/undeclare item as record. More details about the latest CSOM version can be found here.


I am not sure in which event you trying to perform a recovery.There are couple of ways you can do this. If a document is updated with the latest version, you can go back and restore the previous version if document is deleted then check the RecycleBin for recovery. if document is completely gone from site then you need the backup of the content database or ...

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