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I tried your script and I could successfully update navigation items. So your problem can be: the "category" that you specified could not be found within navigation items. The result is that $quickLaunchCategory is NULL when you try to set the Title. you have multiple category with the same name, in that case you get a collection of navigation item you ...


Turns out SharePoint is clever enough to know a Quick Launch link points to somewhere in the same web so when creating new webs from a site template the links still work. I found this to be the case even when lists and libraries with the "Display this list/library on the Quick Launch" setting was set to No, and also with a Quick Launch link that pointed to ...


You can use tokens in your URLs in the template, which will be replaced by SharePoint when you create a site from the template: https://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/office/ms431831.aspx

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