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You can add an Event Receiver with following event you can set OnQuickLaunch=false so for every list you create the ER will be executed and you can hide list through it public override void ListAdding(SPListEventProperties properties) { properties.List.OnQuickLaunch = false; }


In reality what happens if you create for instance a list named Tasks, is that two extra navigation items are added to quick launch navigation: a header labeled Lists, and a child of it named Tasks. To answer your points Is it possible to set default No using OOTB? If you're in control of the list template used for the list (so it's a custom ...


This is not posible OOTB. Only way you can check this "No" while creating a list or library, just press "More Options" button: When you Name your list and select that option to show in the left navigation, so you don't need to go to List or Library settings to change it after creation.


I found the solution to my problem: My user was displaying our sharepoint site in english while all other users used danish. So my changes only applied to the english version of our sharepoint site! After i removed english as an alternative language, my user reverted back to danish and now i can rename stuff again.

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