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The following JS function is adding to the div above the global and local navigation, and it causes the target to be ignored: onclick="return AjaxNavigate$OnClickHook(event, this);" You can disable MDS (minimal download strategy) or use jQuery to remove onlick event. $("div[id*='V4QuickLaunchMenu'], div[id*='TopNavigationMenu']").removeAttr("onclick") ...


.sideNavBox .menu-item.selected{ background-color:red !important;} or #sideNavBox .menu-item.selected{ background-color:red !important;}


How to manage audience targeting for Navigation using SSOM UpdateNavigationNodeAudience method allows to set audience targeting for Navigation node: public static void UpdateNavigationNodeAudience(SPWeb web, SPNavigationNode node, Guid[] spAudienceIDs, string[] spGroupNames, string[] adGroupNames) { var audienceProps = new Dictionary<string, ...

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