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I got quick launch to work in a page layout by posting the following code into my pagelayout HTML file. I placed it in a bootstrap column and it renders correctly with one caveat. the "View All Site Content" link does not render. Can't seem to figure out exactly why, the contentPlaceHolder is created on page load, but none of the code is rendered to ...


You can try the below powershell code. You need to # get a sitecollection object(SPSite) $SPSite = Get-SPSite -Identity "http://sp2010/" # loop through all the subwebs(SPWebs) in the site collection foreach ($SPWeb in $SPSite.AllWebs) { # check so that this is not the root web if (!$SPWeb.IsRootWeb) { # allow unsafe updates ...


You can activate SharePoint Server Publishing Infrastructure features on the site collection level. Then Go to the site settings of your subsite and find Navigation link in Look and Feel section. In Current Navigation settings select Display the same navigation items as the parent site


Use CSS to create 2 column equal height (Ex. http://matthewjamestaylor.com/blog/equal-height-columns-2-column.htm) This would require changes to your master page (restructure the sidebar and main content area). A jQuery plugin called equalHeights may be the solution you're looking for. Be aware that SharePoint 2010/2013 may resize the div#s4-workspace ...

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