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Root Site < == Limited Access | |____ Library <== your Certain Group has access to a single library Your Certain Group doesn't have appropriate permission to the root site. Limited Access Can view specific lists, document libraries, list items, folders, or documents when given permissions. Note You cannot assign this permission ...


For SharePoint 2013 and SharePoint Online 2013 wave, web.Properties is not available anymore and web.AllProperties does not have an Update() method. Even more, simply setting properties and updating the web does not work. I've come to this solution: http://www.ideacity.ro/how-to-edit-the-group-quick-launch-in-sharepoint-2013-and-sharepoint-online/


you may want to take a look at this Change Left hand navigation sharepoint 2010 and this MSDN discussion. Helped us a lot. EDIT: we are currently tied up right now, but compelled to leave the answer just in case someone stumbles upon this. I was hoping to post an update later (off-work) but guess I have to leave work to answer this now, before this gets ...


I don't think that this is possible "without having to write code". It is possible with a small amount of Javascript and CSS, though, and no C# code. This solution assumes that you only have two levels to the link hierarchy, the main links and one level of sub links. It also allows for the headers (main links) to be actual links to content, or not, and ...

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