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I you have the possibility i would recommend You to use a Content Search Web Part instead and edit its Query so that it displays Your articles based on ((Article = A) or (Article=B & DateCriteria)).


The dialog only takes the URL, it is up to you as a developer what to do with it. I presume you are on 2013 See code at Upload new image in asset library in SharePoint Online Search for Cross-Site Publishing on how to 'sync' your (Asset) Libraries. https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/jj635883.aspx ...


Seems like there is a field that is required--looks to be a choice column, maybe in the properties of that webpart page. It could be custom code. In code, make sure you check for null, especially whenever you are trying to grab a value of a column. item["columnname"].toString() //throws an error whenever that column is empty


FYI, If you are only after using (simple) jQuery selectors. Microsoft has this thing called mQuery built in SharePoint. So jQuerys: $('#myID') becomes: m$('myID') straight out of the box, without the need for jQuery It is loaded on most pages (check in F12 developer tools) if not, use: EnsureScriptFunc('mQuery.js', 'm$', function() { // DO STUFF ...

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