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This problem might occur because of stopping the SharePoint Timer Service. to start SharePoint Timer Service from start menu > open service.msc. Search for SharePoint Timer Service > Makes sure it has already started. If it stopped, try to restart it. Ref : this article


You would be looking at Remote Provisioning using provider hosted app. The following steps will be covered under this approach: Override create sub site link with hook to provider hosted app (if we target sub site creation) Actual template selection is coming from provider hosted app side based on configuration – abstraction layer to provider different ...


Have you found any way to recover your site collection after you have broken it with this invalid field-xml? We are experiencing ourselves that we unrecoverably break the site column collection as soon as we apply this invalid field-xml. We don't know of a way to recover only to drop the site collection and to recreate it again which of course is not a ...

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