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Form fields may be hidden in EditForm.aspx of library. Navigate to EditForm.aspx page and append your item ID For example https://your site Url/libary name/Forms/EditForm.aspx?ID=Item ID Edit that page and see if there is any script editor/content editor web part added to hide fields. Another way is with the help of SharePoint designer. Open a particular ...


It could be the configuration of the columns in the list. Are you able to provide a screenshot of the columns that you expect to add? Are they hidden perhaps (do they show as hidden against the relevant content type in the UI, or they may be hidden in code)?


My problem was the names on the columns. Instead of naming them like I see them on the SharePoint site, I should have named them as the encoded name they have: "_x05de__x05e4__x05e8.....". Now it works


You can use C# code in PowerShell scripts with Add-Type cmdlet: Add-Type -Language CSharp -ReferencedAssemblies @("$PSScriptRoot\Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.dll", "$PSScriptRoot\Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.Runtime.dll") -TypeDefinition ' using Microsoft.SharePoint.Client; public static class Helper { public static void LoadHasUniqueRoleAssignments(...

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