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For custom web parts it is pretty easy. You have to override the OnPreRender event and then read or write an XML document (standard c#, no magic). For out-of-the-box web parts it is a really difficult as there doesn't exist functionality in the SSOM which supports this universally. To do this with out-of-the-box web parts you'd have to do 1 of 2 things: ...


I did some test and found the following having SharePoint Site Collection Feature SharePoint Server Publishing Infrastructure active and Site Feature SharePoint Server Publishing Deactivated. When you drag-and-drop a document to the document library with a required field, it uploads just fine without gettig the Edit Propoerty Dialog. My guess is that you ...


In a custom web part, you can certainly accomplish this using the ASP.NET event lifecycle. Web Parts derive from control, and you can code a property changed event. For out-of-the-box web parts, you cannot.

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