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I deleted the SharePoint UPS Service application, along with the Sync database in the database server. The Social and Profile database stores all the User profile specific data so the Sync database can be deleted and recreated, it doesn't affect the application. Then I created the UPS service application again which created the sync database with ...


In your database, one of your accounts (SPInstall, SPSetup, SPService...) is holding the dbo user, with the default schema dbo. Like the following table: Database User Default Schema ======== ==== ============== Sync_DB dbo dbo Now, there can only be one account holding the dbo user in SQL Server, and you need to find out which user that ...


Try an Unprovision/Provision of the SyncDB by running the following script on a SharePoint Server: Add-PSSnapin *share* $syncDB = Get-SPDatabase | ? {$_.Displayname -like "[Your Sync DB]"} $syncDB.Unprovision() $syncDB.Status = "Offline" $upsa = Get-SPServiceApplication | ? {$_.TypeName -like "*User Profile Service Application*"} $upsa....


in SharePoint 2013 use "Active Directory Import" instead of "SharePoint Profile Synchronization" in Configure synchronization Settings Extremely fast performance Very reliable No FIM and extra sync service is required

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