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Best way to move SharePoint solutions is using .wsp file which is created as you deploy any solution just copy from development, paste in production and then add and deploy solution there by power shell. To move list use export functionality in central admin of development and then import the .cmp file in production. done!


Dylan's answer is correct - you need to reset IIS so that the Web Worker Processes can pick up the new DLLs. I'd also like to share a method I've used to get around this in the past - if your bug fixes are only asset-related (i.e., JavaScript, CSS) and are deployed to the Layouts mapped directory, then you can edit the files by browsing to the Layouts ...


There is an easier way to update a farm solution, and that is the Update-SPSolution cmdlet. If your changes or bugfixes are primarily in the code-behind of the webpart, this will successfully update the .dll or any .aspx/.ascx files associated with the webpart without having to do a full retraction and re-installation. Please note that the documentation ...


Unfortunately in this scenario that you described there is no way to update the package without the end user notice the maintence. In a mid-term solution, i strongly recommend you to gradually migrate your solutions to a Sharepoint Provider-hosted Add-Ins/Apps, then you can make your changes without stop the entire site. Here some links to help you: ...

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