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Best way to move SharePoint solutions is using .wsp file which is created as you deploy any solution just copy from development, paste in production and then add and deploy solution there by power shell. To move list use export functionality in central admin of development and then import the .cmp file in production. done!


I think I found an answer but not in powershell. Content Migration object model says: Content Migration object model: The object model provides the most control over your data migration scenarios. Using the object model, you can migrate anything, from a Web site to an item in a list, or a single document in a library. You can choose whether to include ...


What about a normal list but make a custom field where you can add the different properties and a field to add attachements (like your pdf/excel)? This is achieved by adding a 'add attachement field' in list design mode.


You could use a custom list for products. Create columns for that list, so every item in that list will describe your product (Product Title, Category, description, price, version, anythingelse). For every item in sharepoint list you could add attachments.

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