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We had this problem on our farm - same exact issue - 6 second delay for EVERY PAGE. Distributed Cache is very buggy in some versions and may need patching (we are now on CU4, planning for CU5) as well as TLC from Microsoft Premier support.


The best way to find what is causing the issue with performance is using SPMonitor scope . If you know the webpart which is causing the problem , put all the method calls under the SPMonitor scope for particular webpart. you will come to know what method is taking time in developer dashboard . Further put monitor scope for everyline of code . There might be ...


Check to see if you Distributed Cache service is working fine and has all the Default Cache items available. From SP 2013 Management Console, run below commands: Use-CacheCluster Get-CacheHost Get-Cache At this stage if the console shows empty cache list, then you might have lost the cache for some reason. To recreate them try the below: Get the farm ...


Have you check the following: The recovery model for the content database (a SQL Server setting) is set to full by default. Search indexing, if it kicks in, consumes resources that you might need on your WFEs and SQL servers for processing the migration of files Anti-virus software, if it is scanning every document that is uploaded, or is scanning the ...


Have you try to stop distributed cache. http://blog.blksthl.com/2013/05/15/sharepoint-2013-page-loads-takes-a-very-long-time/

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