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If anyone is still struggling with this the answer is here: https://technet.microsoft.com/library/jj219613(office.15).aspx I also had very slow performance, I increased the memory allocated to the Distributed Cache from the default of 410MB to 7168MB and now my site is behaving as it should do.


Background services is the way to go for servers, SharePoint has a lot of processes running in the background and none or almost none running as programs itself. What this setting does is to give the program or background service the priority to recources of the machine. clients like windows 7 and 8 run with the setting on "Program" since they need to open ...


Common actions in Office 365 takes up to one second to perform with OOTB web parts or wiki pages. There are really no performance difference between wiki pages unless you collect and filter a lot of data in web parts. If so, web part pages are slower doe to heavier data load. I think your case boils down to Internet bandwidth, internal network load issue. ...

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