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Skills comes from the People Profile. Try using the Managed Property "Skills" which is mapped to People:SPS-Skills. "ows_" is a list column prefix.


For a managed metadata field there are usually two fields. One holding the complete (term) information including the id's etc. And one with only the 'text value'. Look if you have a managed property called ows_SPShSkills (without the 'taxid'). And use that field as a refiner. It will hold the textual value of the managed metadata. If that managed property ...


Finally I cracked it! The solution to the above problem was to leave the Fixed Keyword Query textbox blank and only write values into Append Text to Query textbox. Because if you write a value in Fixed Keyword Query then it will only show fixed query results ignoring the Refinement Panel and Search Box. The key is to write values into Append Text to Query ...


OOTB The Search Summary Web Part provides a maybe useful function. Try searching SharePoint for "Microsfot" and you'll get "Did you mean Microsoft?" as result.


I have done something similar when the requirement was only search. In our case these were contractors who never had domain credentials. Here is the rough outline of the solution: Create a "Contractor" Content Type based on the Contact Content Type (customize as necessary) and a list using that Content Type. Populate the list with a few items. Crawl the ...

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