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You can use following url. http://spsite/_layouts/download.aspx?SourceUrl=http://spsite/Documents/sample.pdf download.aspx will read the content of the file you send as the SourceUrl, and render it back to you on the HTTP response


I am unsure about the another answer, but you could also try going to list settings -> Advanced settings -> Opening documents in a browser -> Select "Open in a client application". That way your other libraries will not be impacted by the changes.


This may because of the SharePoint "Browser File handling" setting. It has to be changed on the SharePoint Centra Admin (or via PowerShell), look at for instance, or here for more details.


There is no OOTB feature for this requirement. the best possible option would be to use a content editor webpart and embed the pdf document using the below custom script <object><embed src="FILENAME.PDF" height="850" width="850" type="application/pdf"></embed></object> with in the edit form of the list/library.

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