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I agree with Steven, plus PDF indexing is built into SharePoint 2013 through Format Handlers. Previewing is too, without a plugin if you use OWA. You cannot replace the out of the box format handlers with a third party either.


Adobe PDF iFilter 11 installation instructions: http://www.adobe.com/devnet-docs/acrobatetk/tools/AdminGuide/Acrobat_Reader_IFilter_configuration.pdf It's using the same GUID as previous versions: {E8978DA6-047F-4E3D-9C78-CDBE46041603} I doubt it will greatly improve the crawl performance. I'd rather take a look at the Foxit PDF iFilter ...


Apologies for the shameless self promotion, but as it has been a couple of weeks without an answer I am going to point you to one of my blog posts that shows exactly how to do this using a third party product that I worked on (disclaimer alert, I am biased). Convert HTML pages to PDF format using the SharePoint User Interface Also works from workflows and ...

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