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I think You should check in AD if user's password expired or not. I think user never logoff from the PC rather lock the PC. Do the following. Ask customer to Log off from PC or even reboot it. Mean While check in AD, if user's password expired or not User can login to SharePoint site as long as user's ID active and password never expired. I got these ...


As Long as it is not expired, they should be able to log in in SharePoint. As soon as it IS expired, the username/Password combination is invalid for Login. Thats ActiveDirectory, not SharePoint-related


There is no way you'll ever get access to the users password. (In fact SharePoint don't know it, as Authentication is handles by other components. In fact even these hopefully don't know it, but only have some hash of it). To access anything in the host web you can use the cross-domain library. Login will be handlede automatically. See How to: Access ...

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