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If you have deployed the CSS file to the Style Library or an Assets library, make sure it is checked in as a major version and approved. It could be possible that your page layout is not published and approved as well. This is the typical symptom when an asset is not approved, it works fine for admins but not general users.


Keerthi's answer will work great if you want to place your JavaScript on one page. If you want to add it to a specific page layout, I would do it a little different. Editing the actual page layout or creating a new custom one would be best so you don't have to add your script to every page. To do this you will have to use SharePoint Designer. In ...


The general guidance from the PnP group is no, there are other supported approaches to do the desired customizations without modifying the master page. That being said, they say if you are going to do it, you have to understand the risks of doing so. As soon as you break away, you aren't getting the updates and new features as they are implemented.


In SharePoint Designer you can edit a page layout and create a CQWP. If you need to customise the CQWP, you probably need to export it, edit it, and import it again. But unlike the SharePoint browser interface, SPD does not have a command to import a web part. You can do this: Create the CQWP on a web part page. Export it, modify it as desired, then import ...

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