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I tried with workflows and calculated columns but I got no good results. I will suggest you to follow this post http://amitphule.blogspot.be/2012/04/display-item-attachments-in-sharepoint.html as using SharePoint Designer and modifyng the XSLT view.


I really hope you already have figured out a solution as this question is a little old. Anyways if it helps what I would do to resolve it is simply use a SharePoint Designer Workflow to copy the value of the "BA Tech" column to the "BA" column. As the BA value should be created in your other list, it's crucial to include this instruction on your Workflow. ...


You could easily do this with an OOTB announcement list. By default this list got a title column, a multiple lines of text column with rich text so you can add any pictures to the text, and a date column for a expiration date. Now create a new list view for the list. Go to create view > Standard view. Name it to anything that suits you, and choose to only ...


Steps by Steps method How to Move Files Between SharePoint Document Libraries In a document library, hover the mouse pointer over the document you want to move. A check box appears on the left and a list arrow on the right. click the Send To button. Select Other Location. The Copy dialog box appears. Type the destination or paste the URL, and then make ...

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