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Follow the steps... Check out the word document in SharePoint. Open the document in MS-Word for editing. Modify the document and go to File TAB. There you will find "Check In" & "Discard Check Out" buttons.


Your IIS SSL configuration is not right, you are mixing client certificates with SSL server certificates. You want to use SSL Server certificates for the site, not client certificates. Disable client certificates, and configure correct SSL certificate in IIS web site bindings. Review the article for details here.


Follow tutorial to configure in browser: https://wikis.utexas.edu/display/sharepoint/Automatic+Logins+-+Internet+Explorer tell me if this resolved or no. Thanks.


I know there are some issues with certain antiviruses. But If you're using Windows Vista/7 or above, you might be having problems because there are dots in your SharePoint URL (go figure :)) This fix worked for me ...


I have a idea, You can add url to navigation in root Site? if positive, continue read this post, otherwise skip! Only 4 step to configure this link: In your root site: In edit mode, add link: On adding link, fill in the data. Click OK and save: Result: And now, the your users can access with facility :)

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