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I found an excellent reference down below and tried it practically. http://www.edutech.me.uk/microsoft/identity-and-access-management/active-directory/link-microsoft-office-365-organization-account-to-windows-azure-subscription/ let me know if there are any questions.


I would recommend taking a look at the OpenXML SDK With this library, opening DOCX documents and editing them is pretty easy, and, more importantly, can be done without the need to have Word installed, unlike the previous DOC format which required you to instantiate a Word COM object (which has always been a no go for server side solutions). Once you get ...


There should not be any compatibility issues. There are some new integration features between Office 2013 and SharePoint 2013 which your SharePoint 2010 might not enjoy but they certainly won't impact on the functionality of your existing SharePoint 2010 Apps. I had never faced any issue while working with Office 2013 on client machines and SharePoint 2010 ...

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