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Open your Excel Online Spreadsheet, and select to edit the spreadsheet in Excel (not Excel Online). On the REVIEW tab select Allow Users to Edit Ranges in the Changs Group Click New and select cells to restrict Click Permissions... and chose the group that are allowed to edit (and select Allow). Click OK to save the setting and save your Excel Online ...


I think Yammer is the only option https://support.office.com/en-US/Article/SharePoint-Online-Tags-Notes-feature-retired-77851bd5-6d5e-42fe-9bf6-d7c17eeb771f?ui=en-US&rs=en-US&ad=US


My suspicions were correct: the mismatch between Get-SPWOPIZone and the WopiZone of the Get-SPWopiBinding seemed to cause the error - everything needed to be internal-http. I followed the article here to remove and then recreate the bindings and Word started working (funny that Excel and Visio worked before but Word didn't!): Resolution: Remove the link ...


How did you setup your web app farm? If you didn't use the FQDN that is why you can't connect over it. Also check the zone bindings when you bind to SharePoint and make sure you are pointing at the URL where you will access web app farm.

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