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When a Term Store(Taxonomy) is created it has its own permission level. Check whether the user context which your are using has permission to the Taxonomy or not. See the picture I have attached.


The plugin allows you to have a better experience with Microsoft SharePoint Typical file path: C:\Program Files\microsoft office 15\root\office15\npspwrap.dll Mozilla plugins Microsoft SharePoint Plug-in for Firefox Google Chrome plugins Stored per user in the directory 'Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Preferences' Name: 'NPSPWRAP.DLL' ...


Do a repair on your office 2010 installation. EDIT More info here. You are running Excel 2010 and Visio 2013. Run the repair on 2010 should fix your Excel issue. However you did not install the bits so that you can open it in Visio 2013 - and they don't co-exist as far as I know, you have to use one or the other. Your alternative is to just download ...

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