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I often get this message and find I can solve the issue temporarily by going to my internet explorer Settings via the menu options - Tools / Internet Options / Connections / LAN Settings / deselect the Automatically Detect Settings option box and click okay. My system auto reverts my change every so often thus requiring me to redo the option change. ...


In my experience, none of the above solutions work - this could be because I was attempting this using an external list. To implement paging, I added ?$skiptoken=Paged=TRUE&$top=100 to the end of the URI. The URI for the next page will be included under JSON.d.__next. Once the last page is reached __next will not be present


Vadim's response is very close, but his query string is off a bit. The issue isn't really his, its Microsoft's as they are not being consistent with their URI escaping. I used the Postman extension for Chrome and by examining the __next value returned when using $top (which is alternative approach worth considering) I noticed that there is an ampersand ...

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