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The answer can be found here: https://social.technet.microsoft.com/Forums/office/en-US/442c8543-e67b-4d37-9ded-578789c7635e/sharepoint-2010-navigation-ui-bug-with-feb-2013-cu There's an iframe being added to the DOM dynamically. Just add this style to hide it: iframe[id*='TopNavigationMenuV4_FrameID_1'] { display:none; }


You can actually use the Search Result Webpart the same way as you are using the Content Search Web Part as this already got a paging property. Just add the result web part and copy the same query that you use in your CSWP. In the search result web part properties, select how many items you wish to show and enable "Show paging". You can hide the rest of ...


Yes, the Links in the QuickLaunch are static, but... You can make a link to a static Redirect Page (or Custom APSX Page), where you extract the link to OneDrive and redirect to it with window.location= They will see a blank page.. or make a nice redirect text (just in case somewhting goes wrong in your script)


There are many ways to change how the breadcrumb work. Here is a brief description on how the breadcrumb render and hope it helps: ref: Navigation Controls Your Master page should contains similiar snippet: <asp:contentplaceholder id="PlaceHolderGlobalNavigation" runat="server"> <SharePoint:PopoutMenu runat="server" ...


I think that there just has been a mismatch. You said that you are using the publishing infrastructure and that the top site link should point to /sites/blah/default.aspx. A teamsite without the publishing infrastructure feature activated uses the OOTB library Site Pages to store it's aspx sites and the default site is called Home. When enabling the ...


I would go into Site Settings >> Navigation on each subsite and manually fix the Global Navigation links.


Not without a backup. There are no auditing rules that collect that information. With a backup you can restore as a new site and compare but that's about it. You may be able to piece it together if you go thru the IIS logs. For instance look at all homepage requests that direct to another page. If you have a group of requests that go to the same page - ...

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