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Go to Site setting --> Under look and feel go to Navigation Select the link which you want to open in new tab , and edit that link Check open in new tab and its done. Hope this helps


I don't believe there is any way out of the box to achieve this. I would handle this with custom JavaScript. Use the SharePoint navigation settings to setup the links as you want them using headings to group items. Then load your custom JS to manipulate which navigation children are currently visible and which are hidden. I have not done this exact thing ...


You could get the QueryString parameters using Javascript and append it to your target page URL on the button click event handler. Please use below code as a starting point: function onRedirectButtonclick() { var queryString = window.location.href.split('?')[1]; window.location.href = "/NextPage.aspx?" + queryString; }


When you create you're the second site collection in your fresh Web Application, it typically comes with additional sites in the URL. It doesn't affect the user unless she wants to type the URL directly. The reason for this as that we use a managed path of wildcard inclusion. With wildcard inclusion, you are able to have as many site collections you want ...

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