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No you have to migrate to 2013 first. The only ways to do it directly ie skipping 2013 is by doing it manually or by using some third party tool or building a tool by yourself. See this official Microsoft Post Extract from above Post. Upgrade and Migration SharePoint Server 2016 will support upgrade from SharePoint Server 2013. To upgrade from ...


It is same like any other migration / upgrade from one environment to other environment. Set up you Azure( create the resource group, VHD, Servers etc) Install the SharePoint in azure Configure your IP Move the database to Azure Attach to the SharePoint. test it here are couple of reference to check:


Yes, through PowerShell. Phil Childs posted the article Export and import/create site columns in SharePoint using PowerShell back in 2011. Basically you export your site columns to an XML-file in your test environment, and import the XML to production. Export: $sourceWeb = Get-SPWeb http://portal $xmlFilePath = "C:\Install\Script-SiteColumns.xml" #Create ...

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