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Since you need to use the Client Object Model for apps, you will have to rewrite large parts (if not all) of your back-end code.


You have a Single Server farm and would like to migrate SharePoint server to a new domain Old Domain: FABRIKA.CONTOSO.COM New Domain: CONTOSO.COM Step 1: Preparations before migrating servers: 1.Check if the SharePoint Central Administration’s Application Pool is running under Network Service or using a Domain Account To verify: ...


Their are couple of ways to download the documents from SharePoint Document library. Using the Explorer view, you can drag and drop the documents to local directory. UNC mapping to the SharePoint document library and drag/drop documents to a file share. You could refer this blog for details. This is simplest way but it will not display files that exceed ...


You should create a site column of type choice and have following values News Company A Bulletins Company B Bulletins Company C Bulletins Local Annoucements Then add this site column to the Pages/SitePage document library. During migration set the site column value accordingly.

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