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The critical component when failing over a Workflow Farm to a New SharePoint Farm (In the same domain or otherwise) is that the new SharePoint Farm must have the same Realm as the original one. Realm is by default identical to the SharePoint Farm ID, but can be changed using Set-SPAuthenticationRealm -Realm FarmIDoftheOriginalFarm. Few Caveats: You will ...


Set the DocumentSet.Folder.Item.ProgId to "SharePoint.DocumentSet". Right now it will be empty. See this for more information: http://www.sharepointnadeem.com/2011/08/sharepoint-2010-document-sets.html UPDATE Here is the sample PowerShell code. I haven't however tested it: $web = Get-SPWeb http://yoursite $list = $web.Lists["YourList"] $docSetName = ...


You can download and upload the files from/to the gallery. URL: http://www.yoursharepoint.com/_catalogs/masterpage or with SharePoint Designer

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