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The View Filter can not do (x OR y) AND z it does: x OR y AND z So you have to move part of the logic into a Boolean type Calculated Column DocumentTypeFilter =OR( [DocumentType]="Dashboard" , [DocumentType]="Supporting Detail" ) And use DocumentTypeFilter=True in the View Filter You can not use [Today] in a Calculated Column, because those ...


The latest modifiers' name is in the field "Modified By". Author always shows the person who uploaded the first version of the document. To have the latest modifier in the Author-Field you would need to delete the file and then upload it again .


Add a field to the view "Modified By"; Author field refers to the first entity that created the document. Modified By shows latest entity that modified the item. If you would like to change the author you need to do it via PowerShell or create Event Receiver to overwrite the value of the field.


According to this post the folder path is case sensitive. The poster OlegO states: For example if your folder is /Shared Documents/Abc and you use /Shared Documents/abc or /shared documents/Abc or /SHARED DOCUMENTS/ABC to execute MetadataDefaults.SetFieldDefault method. The SetFieldDefault method returns true, but your settings wouldn't be applied ...

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