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Yes, the Links in the QuickLaunch are static, but... You can make a link to a static Redirect Page (or Custom APSX Page), where you extract the link to OneDrive and redirect to it with window.location= They will see a blank page.. or make a nice redirect text (just in case somewhting goes wrong in your script)


The elements in positions X and Y which you are looking for are generated on the fly. You will not find the source of them in the seattle.html. Position X: Its nothing but inside the SuiteBar which lies in div with ID ms-designer-ribbon. source in seattle.html Above image clearly indicates that there is no source for what you are looking. The ...


SharePoint pages are, by default, associated with site definition files. When a master page is customized in SharePoint Designer 2010, it is no longer associated with the site definition. This can result in additional administrative work following future updates or upgrades to SharePoint, which is why you see this message. You can always reset ...

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