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If your site is a publishing portal then all pages will be created in library called pages. 1. Page created from site actions not seen in designer. Once you create your page from site actions do following to check for a page in designer Open your publishing site in Designer and click on All Files tab from left menu. Now from the listed menu options, ...


Matt, You can create an user control to handle this in code. You can then add the control to the master page. Take a look at these two examples and let me know if I can assist. Inject dynamic javascript using MasterPage Programmatically add JS/CSS to pages


As you are using a publishing site, you should create a webpart page in Pages library. This way the master page will be attached to it and it will also get reflected in the designer. you can also add the below code in the page to link it with the default master page of the site <%@ Page language="C#" MasterPageFile="~masterurl/default.master" ...


The Html file is being used by Design Manager, and created as when you activate Publishing Infrastructure Feature. Html file doesn't come with team sites template. Update after your comment: It is something that you should decide at top level site of a new Site Collection, whether or not the publishing feature will be needed within that Site Collection ...

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