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The master pages and page layouts are stored at site collection level and in master page gallery _catalogs/masterpage. But you can always have liberty to select different master page for each sub site or also inherit the master page from its parent which is a site collection. Webapplication won't have any master page for itself without a root site ...


Update an oslo.css is not recommendable approach because it can break other elements which you might not find even. You should check with developer tools about the CSS. Which CSS is breaking the layout and try to override that CSS with your custom CSS in the masterpage. Here is the great solution Responsive SharePoint available that you can use with ...


One workaround is: Enable the Publishing feature at site collection now browse this page sitecolelction/_layouts/15ChangeSiteMasterPage.aspx Now you can change the master page for all subsite.


From what I have read here, Delve doesn't use any master page. You cannot make script injection in Delve...

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