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It's for SharePoint 2010 Please follow the below steps: Go to root level In Site Collection >> Site Actions >> Site Settings >> Site Collection Administration section >> Site collection features There is one feature named SharePoint Server Publishing Infrastructure >> Click 'Activate' button Then go to subsite Site Actions >> Site Settings >> Look ...


Design Manager (feature which enables HTML to masterpage conversion) is not available in Team Sites as it requires Sharepoint Server Publishing feature to be enabled. If you want to enable it: Open Site Settings, Click on "Site collection features" under Site Collection Administration. This will open Site Collection Features page. Search for "SharePoint ...


You have to go to Site settings in your team site you have created. Goto site settings >> under look and feel >> click on site theme >>inherit theme from parent site. find the screen shot below


Enable the Publishing feature on Site Collection feature and Manage Site feature. This will enable the functionality of a Publishing site.

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