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This is the default page of a publishing site. The content you see is in web parts, which can easily be removed. All of the links also exist in site settings, so this page is just trying to be helpful and present links for the most common tasks on a publishing site.


You can do it via feature. Check the below link, Here we are going to walk through creating a Managed Metadata column via a feature Programmatically create a Managed Metadata Column.


I resolved the issue by setting the keywords in the following way: Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.Field entKeywordField = list.Fields.GetByInternalNameOrTitle("Enterprise Keywords"); TaxonomyField entKeywordFieldTaxonomy = ctx.CastTo<TaxonomyField>(entKeywordField); entKeywordFieldTaxonomy.SetFieldValueByValueCollection(item, new ...


Resolution I sent a support ticket to Microsoft and after a few days of phone calls, we found a resolution. Below is the closing transcript of the issue from Microsoft: Issue Statement: Unable to publish Content Types through Content Type Hubs Scope Agreement: High as customer is not able to use the feature of content types on his production sites ...


ootb: goto central admin -> application management -> under service application click on Manage service applications -> click on User Profile Service Application -> under My Site Settings click on Manage Social Tags and Notes -> when the new page loads just add the url for the site you want to search and hit find. you can be more specific if looking for a ...


we need to add this content type hub to the cneteral admin--> application managemnt-->service applications-->manage service applications--> managed meta data service-->properties


When you change the terms in the term store, there is a timer job "Taxonomy update scheduler" which takes care of updating the list items which reference that particular term. You can run the job manually to update the list items. But do have a look at the below links. ...


I don't know if is possible to configure the Content Search Web Part to use the custom properties within a term. Something you could try is to add some script to the page to get the value of the custom property and place it in a text field and then configure the Content Search Web Part to read the value from the text box as part of the query.

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