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Use the PnP PowerShell CmdLets, and you can do this with one line of code: Add-SPOTaxonomyField -DisplayName "Region" -InternalName "Region" -TermSetPath "Contoso|Region" Documentation Implementation


SSPID is the GUID of you Managed Meta Data service. TaxonomyField.SspId Property You are on the correct place and getting the correct id. Do you have more than 1 MMS service in your farm? What error you are getting?


Any query can be "saved" as a URL. So you could create a links list that included the various queries that you expect end users to run. This TechNet article details some of the options for querying Managed Metadata fields. You are on the right track. You can either use the "taxid" version of the ...


The most common way would be to create your own content type, deriving from Document and add the custom column to this new content type. That way you would not run in to this kind of clashes with other OOTB content types that already inherits from Document. This custom content type could be created and published from a Content Type Hub, making it available ...

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