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There is no way to get the Datasheet view working in Safari. SharePoint Joel has a great matrix of which features work in which browser.


Datasheet view requires an ActiveX control not available for that platform. See Plan browser support (SharePoint Server 2010)


There is a browser compatibility overview from Microsoft:


There hasn't been an API to access the clipboard via JavaScript code until a recent W3C draft has been created. Unfortunately this W3C draft hasn't been implemented yet into any modern Web browser, AFAIK. IIRC it is only in beta testing builds of Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Only Internet Explorer offers an API accessible via JavaScript/ActiveX/...


No, you can't force browsers to support features that aren't available. Browser compatibility is a lot better than it was, there are still things that are reliant on ActiveX controls. See the Plan browser support in SharePoint 2013 TechNet article.


OK, here's how I made it work. Other suggestions are still welcome, but I wanted to put this in here for anyone else dealing with this issue. I added a feature in my SharePoint farm that uses the AdditionalPageHead Delegate Control to insert additional JavaScript to every page. In that control, I've added a reference to jQuery (see my answer in How to ...


Firefox is the better route for Mac users. But even with Firefox, datasheet won't work as Trevor said, it's an Active X component. The alternative is to use Parallels on the Mac system and give them a Windows environment with IE.

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