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Just resolved my problem. If you want to send an email to user in person field, the recipient configuration should look like this:


At the point in your code where you want to get the choices, ctx.CurrentFieldSchema.Choices is an array of lookup choice objects, which each have two properties, LookupId and LookupValue. Here is a screenshot illustrating what I mean: In order to find out what is available to you, I highly recommend setting a breakpoint in your script, and just ...


SPFieldLookup_Edit( ctx ); produces the default HTML for an SP Lookup field, you could take that HTML and work it. If you want the individual options you have to dig into the Fieldschema (in your formCtx) SPFieldLookup_Edit is from clientforms.js: function SPFieldLookup_Edit(b) { if (b == null ) return ""; var a = SPClientTemplates....

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