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Yes. You can use custom list for your purpose. Steps: Create List A as a custom list. Add your data (A1 to A24) in list. Create List B and create new lookup column, set the name of the column. Choose "List A" in Get information from dropdown list. Choose the column name which is in List A in In this column dropdown list. Now you can see the values of ...


It is not possible to have cascading dropdowns (behavior that you are describing) in OOTB SharePoint forms. There are third party solutions (both farm solution and add-ons) that add this functionality to lists. You can also have a look at SPServices jquery library and add this functionality yourself to the form. This does require some javascript development ...


You cannot create a lookup for a "List name" in SharePoint. Possible alternatives would be creating a choice column which has a list of values, or customizing the new item page (using JS link) to fetch a set of lists inside current web and display them in a drop-down.

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