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It seems as a third part component, that could be obsolete and not working on SharePoint 2013. From error description it looks like it want's to load SharePoint 2010 dll Microsoft.SharePoint, Version= You should review your farm solutions in Central Admin and check that third part component and look how to update it to SharePoint 2013.


Yes you can enable multi-select on a lookup field. Under 'In this column:' where you pick the column in the list you want, there is a check box for Allow multiple values.


Maybe I was a bit too fast in asking this question. Short after this post I found the Blog Entry: "Lookup fields as site column declarative deployed" of Stefan Bauer. This entry was exactly what I was searching for. And after simple first testings it showed that it is working. The secret was the following feature implementation: public override void ...


The first feature I did in the declarative fashion with XML, and that was the last one I did that way. It is ugly and very static in it's definition. Every other feature afterwards that had to provision lists or libraries were all done in the feature activation code. This way was much better to develop, maintain, and upgrade.

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