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Use below code to get User name: new SPFieldLookupValue(properties.ListItem["Staff Member"].ToString()).LookupValue; For User ID: new SPFieldLookupValue(properties.ListItem["Staff Member"].ToString()).LookupId;


Instead of SPList you should use SPPictureLibrary. I mean SPList picLibCity = (SPPictureLibrary) spWeb.Lists["City"]; And instead of ImageURL, you should use ServerUrl. I mean foreach (var row in EmpList) { if (row.City!= null) { string group =; SPItem lookupItem = picLibCity.GetItemById(group.LookupId); string ...


Yes, go to column settings, and you will find a list of checkboxes with columns from referenced list. You will be able to select any column that you wish to display.


My understanding is that by using: properties.ListItem["Staff Member"].ToString(); You are going to be returned their userID and username, so it will always be returned separated by ;#. You're probably already using something like: properties.ListItem["Staff Member"].ToString().split(";#")[1]; To return the username on it's own. You should compare the ...


Turns out the Managed Property mapped to my Crawled Property for this column had an unchecked "Searchable" box. Checked it, ran a full crawl, and now the list search is working like a charm. #themoreyouknow!

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