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No. A list is always presented in the same way, using the same web part either if you go to the original list location or add it somewhere else. The only difference there is for your web part page is that the list web part toolbar type has been set to No Toolbar. If you choose to edit the page and then edit the list web part, you can change the setting ...


As Patrick mentioned, specifying the BaseViewID and ListTemplateType in your override is important. That works especially well when you are using different types of OOB SharePoint lists (i.e. a document library, a contacts list, and announcements list, etc.) on the same page, as they will already have different BaseViewID and ListTemplateType values. ...


try to bind your customization to the specific webparts. e.G. like this: if( ctx.wpq === "WPQ5" ){ // do custom stuff } else{ // use standard stuff } Also the BaseViewID and ListTemplateType is important. overrideCtx.BaseViewID = 99; overrideCtx.ListTemplateType = 100; More here and here.

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