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I just found this same problem this morning, and resolved it :) The XsltListViewWebPart has a bug in it. The default XSL for the 'Edit' field calls a template called IfHasRight, which is defined in LAYOUTS\XSL\fldtypes.xsl. The comments on that template point out that it's actually checking for permission 2, ADD items. I wrote my own to check for 4, EDIT ...


You can look at Share .NET, a component for .NET that makes it easy to use SharePoint REST API with .NET / Mono.


SharePoint stores its datetime fields in UTC time. If you don’t look at the data from SharePoint through the UI (the UI corrects datetime values according to local time), you need to correct the datetime fields with the UTC offset you have locally. http://itblog.wolthaus.net/2011/09/sharepoint-stores-dates-in-utc-time/ ...


i think what your looking for is: var selectedItms = SP.ListOperation.Selection.getSelectedItems(clientContext); Gets the list items being selected. http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/office/ff409526(v=office.14).aspx so it would look like this(change your for code for this one including changeing the selectedItems for this): var ...

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