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You can edit Forms in SharePoint Designer or with Infopath InfoPath: http://ranaictiu-technicalblog.blogspot.ch/2011/06/sharepoint-2010-customize-sharepoint.html SharePoint Designer http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/sharepoint-designer-help/create-a-custom-list-form-using-sharepoint-designer-HA010378258.aspx With InfoPath you can create Rules, for example ...


You can do this easily in InfoPath. Just edit the current list forms, and add 2 buttons called saving and cancel. Add a rule for the save button to submit data, and a rule for the cancel button to close the form. Publish the form.


Kindly refer the below link: Javascript Code URL Steps to follow: 1) Adding script code in a CEWP for NewForm.aspx: 2) In EditForm.aspx, add script code in a CEWP

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