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Your answer is correct you do not need Designer if you enable Content types on the list under advanced to change the order of the fields. Thanks for the reminder! If it does not change make sure you have the correct default content type selected for the list.


Could be please confirm what really is the issue? I would like to assume its the error you receive in trying to create a new folder on your document library. In that case please visit advanced settings->Make New Folder option to yes. Hope this is what you were looking for !!


I have found the solution and it works now. There are 2 content types on my list Item and Tickets the reusable workflow was bound to the ticket content type. When i changed the content type of the reusable workflow to the item content type, the workflow started working fine. This is quite puzzling because Tickets content type is based on the items content ...


Please consider using Virto Form Extender (http://www.virtosoftware.com/products/content-mgmt/virto-ajax-list-form-extender). It is stated that fields visibility can be dynamic on new/edit list item form.

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