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This article describes an old trick for making certain links open in a new tab. Just append the url for any link you want to open in a new tab with #openinnewtab, and add the following javascript code (master page would be best): $(document).ready(function() { $('a[href$="#openinnewtab"]').attr('target', '_blank'); });


Write a script to with quoting classnames. get the classname where ever u want to apply this. Here is the example $(function () { $(".classname a").each(function (i) { $(this).attr('_target', "blank"); }); }); Load this script into master page.


You will need to use the ask Task Actions "Collect Data from a User" and have the "Date Request Received" as the field for the user to fill out in the task. Under "data" name the task and create the field you want them to fill out. "this user" will need to be the person or SP group it should go to The workflow will automatically output the ID of the ...

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