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You should not change any out-of-the-box SharePoint files, not only XMLs/XSLs or JS files, but images either. Your changes will / might be overridden by upcoming service packs / cumulative updates. Instead of this you can add a Script Editor web part to the page and update the src attribute of the bullet images via JQuery to refer to the right image file you ...


I just wanted to add to this old question as this issue still occurs in SharePoint 2013. Adding the following jQuery to your masterpage will fix the issue globally: $('.ms-summarycustombody td.ms-vb:first').css('white-space', 'nowrap'); Thank you to the OP for figuring this out... the &nbsp: doesn't show up in firebug so this was doing my head in ...


I figured it out. I was using "URL" in the "values to display" field when I should have been using "Link". Simple, silly error on my part.


Better solution using XSL here. http://valygreavu.com/2014/11/27/customizing-the-links-sharepoint-app-to-open-links-into-new-window-using-xsl-link/

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