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It is for all items combined in list and library. If you exceed this limit, basic file operations—such as file open or save, delete, and viewing the version history— may not succeed. Please follow this link to get more idea how it effects your sharepoint


In your list/library settings. Go to the column section and find the field you want to limit. Click on the field to go to its settings. There is an option for Maximum number of characters. By default this will be 255 for a Single line of Text field. You can change it to less than that here.


Microsoft need to make this clearer. There are two scenarios for doc libs: Archive (rarely used) - Place up to 30,000,000 items in a document library, but remember to create ListViews not exceeding 4,999. Filter by ID range possibly. Possibly use indexes and metadata to improve speed Migrated File Share (used a lot by multiple users) - Break up into say ...


You are probably talking about "Site Collection Admin" field, which allows you to setup only 1 person through the "create site collection" page. However, you can give user permissions inside that Site Collection... The "Full Control" level, allows users to create subsites, no matter which kind (template).


add RowLimit=0 http://sharepoint/_vti_bin/owssvr.dll?Cmd=Display&XMLDATA=1&RowLimit=0&List=%7BID1%7D&View=%7BID2%7D Setting the row limit will override the default limit

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