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You could always create your own download link, making use of the internal download application page in SharePoint. To create a link to download a video (or any other item that resides in the SharePoint), just create an good old anchor link as in my example and place in a script editor on a page. The key that makes this work is this part that allows you to ...


This does not exist OOB. Retention policies specifically work on documents. Workflows are usually associated with documents, but you can have site workflows. However, site workflows would require 1) something to kick them off, and 2) the ability to delete a library. Now, there are solutions to scheduling workflows out there, and with the "call http web ...


I know this is an old thread, but after spending a good while looking about I found an OOTB SharePoint Designer 2010 solution for this problem. To move a document to a different folder create an SPD2010 workflow and use the Update Item action to change the path and name of the document. After inserting the update list item action click on the "this list" ...


there is an existing post which i tried and worked fine. you can also use the same logic by additionally checking the file type. Reference Link


Had the same Problem, found this Solution: http://wowsomuch.com/sharepoint/opening-office-templates-dotx-sharepoint-document-library/


Can't you just go to Site Settings > Site Features and active SharePoint Server Publishing? That should give you the Pages library and allow you to use a web part page layout.


You need to add a new content type to the document library (site pages library if that is the one you want to add web part pages to). Add the Web Part Page content type. It is in the Document group. Then you will have in the New button on the document library the option for a Web Part Page

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