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Modifying the resources files is your only option unless you want to replace them with your own. Yes, some may consider it a big no-no. But there isn't much other option. Just make sure to keep backups of the resources files you do modify, in case the files gets overwritten by an update from Microsoft.


I've never heard of an OOTB query string parameter to do this. The blog post Change current UI locale using query string parameter in Sharepoint shows how to accomplish this using a customization based on an HTTP handler. But that doesn't help if you can't deploy custom code to your farm.


there are multiple views and ways to do, But i would recommend the way we adopt all the time. This process is for all the server in the farm( you can do parallel) Install SharePoint 2013 with SP1 Install the Langugae Packs Install the Services Packs for LPs Ps Config the single thread process, Now you need to run the PSconfig on 1st server which will ...

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