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With Claims based AuthN you need to leverage the Claims to Windows Token Service (C2WTS) to "convert" the Windows claim to a Windows Identity and pass to your system.


There seems to be some confusion because Forms-based Authentication IS claims-based authentication too. As a matter of fact, the default authentication method for SharePoint 2013 is claims-based authentication, which include 3 forms of authentication: Windows, FBA and Trusted Providers (i.e. SAML tokens) Also, SharePoint has NEVER been responsible for ...


Use claims based authentication for web application and have your client send SAML tokens . The client(Identity Provider) can send you (email,role claims) and Sharepoint (Service Provider) can trust them .After establishing the trust , add the users to sharepoint group so the user can access your site. By using SAML the SSO requirement is also satisfied.

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