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From the look of it's not an easy fix, I have not used that script before, but a quick test shows it's a problem with the ribbon. Probably losing some context at some point. And what it does then is to call the DeselectAllWPItems function. Tbh SP.Ribbon.js is way to complicated to worth trying to override for this script. Probably best to write a better ...


I have used it in one of my project & it is working like a charm with 3 listview WebParts in each tab. Please check this link if you failed to follow any of the step from this.


You can use this to break out the string explicitly: var emails = $(this).attr("ows_UsersList").split(";#").filter(function(e){ return !parseInt(e)}) var emailsjoined = emails.join(";"); emailsjoined is the semicolon delimited string of email addresses.

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