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There are three ways in my mind if you are using an embedded JavaScript to redirect. 1. Use SharePoint Designer to Edit the Page directly. Change your JavaScript code and save. 2. Export the page using SharePoint Designer, make changes as required and import again. 3. In your IE settings, disable JavaScript on your browser. No JS will render and you can ...


I think the Desktop experience feature is not installed and web client service might be not started so try to follow this Open Server Manager –> Manage –> Add Roles and Features. Select Features form the left step navigation –> User Interfaces and Infrastructure –> Desktop Experience. Click Next then Install. Restart Server. Go to Services by clicking Run ...


If you know c# and can use web part then please try, Response.Redirect("your full url"); about webparts about redirecting page


You can find this in CA / application management. Highlight the application with the trouble and click managed paths in the ribbon after it becomes active. If the problem is occurring in sub-folders use wildcard instead of explicit. If you are adding a wildcard, you may have to delete if there's already an explicit path defined.

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