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SharePoint sites work fine with IE 11. Some features of "some" sites however, would work only in the compatibility mode. "Standard mode" probably means by not adding the site in compatibility mode.


IE 11 will support all of the same features as IE 10, however IE 11 is only supported with SharePoint when the SharePoint site(s) is added to Compatibility View. There should be very little to no reason to explicitly test IE 11 functionality with SharePoint 2013.


Ok so the problem was that Sharepoint 2010 was forcing IE11 to render in IE8. I ended up changing the master file (v4.master) for the specific sharepoint site and editing the <meta> to default to IE=10. It did not affect the other sharepoint sites within my larger sharepoint site, and seems to be working. Thanks, Trevor, for the lead!


You define in InfoPath Designer if the form is a filler or browser enabled form. If the form is browser Ensure that all users have Infopath installed on their machines, so they can actually open the form in Filler. For a detailed walk through see Specify the compatibility settings for a form template

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