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The dumbed down answer (Anders and Jaap are smarter than I am) is this: When you create a column on a list, both its DisplayName and StaticName are set to the same value. However, the StaticName contains converted values for some characters, most notably a space ' ' is converted to '_x0020_'. So if the DisplayName is 'Product Description', then the ...


Because SharePoint convert special characters in the internal name. _x0040_ = @ - More about mappings for non-alphabetic characters So that means when that column was created, its title was @Active.


If you mean list template ID's you can find them here: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/dd586520(office.11).aspx Also theres the FieldId and PropertyConstant classes: FieldId defines constants that you should use to reference SharePoint fields. PropertyConstants is the same deal, but for UserProfile fields. Theres also lots of enumerations that ...


I use the following function to add an index Function AddIndex () { Param ($list,$InternalFldName) try { Write-Host "Updating index for list: $list"; $fldToIndex =$list.Fields.GetFieldByInternalName($InternalFldName); try { ...

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