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Service application pools appear in IIS as long random strings of characters. The name you give it in SharePoint is not reflected in IIS Manager. An IIS Application Pool can have but one unique identifier, it’s Name, for which uniqueness is enforced. It works perfectly. However SharePoint has decided to use GUIDs for this Name. Within Central Administration ...


Uninstalling SharePoint, all SharePoint language packages and SQL server. Then reinstalling it all solved this issue. I did also run into Error 503: Service Unavailable, when opening central administrator for the first time. That problem was solved like this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sAF1q0GwKmM


There are tons of material available online about how to install as some already mentioned. Deploying SharePoint farm consist two parts( this my theory). I am counting architecture part. Installation of SharePoint Configuration of SharePoint. Installation of SharePoint: during this part you have to deal couple of things. Hardware & Software ...

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