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I ran into this same issue recently installing the Enterprise version of the product on Windows Server 2012 R2, this issue was resolved for me configuring a different location in control panel under region. i.e: from Spain to Mexico. Hope it helps.


I saw this question little late. I think you already done with it but i am sharing the my experience here. to install the pre requisites and SharePoint Bits under a account which is local admin on the server( we used the install account), this account will do the future updates as well. So in your case SPfarm account. When you run the PSconfig wizard it ...


Yes you need the November CU after installing the LPs Because CU contains the fixes for Language packs and it update the language related files as well. Their is no separate CU for language packs, Only SP1 are separated. So, when you running the Nov CU then you dont need to worry about the override thing. Language Pack for SharePoint 2013 with SP1 (DE) ...

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