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When you start to inherit permissions on the list from the site, you don't effect the items that already have unique permissions. It only effect new items. They could be set up in a way that only the author are able to read the item. If so, the user having control over the item needs to either 1) start inherit permission or 2) give administrative users ...


Yes it is possible. Breaking the inheritance is the first step. I understand you have already edited permissions. In the same window is a button to Grant permissions. Click it, add a user and check the box for Full control.


All subsites do by default inherit permissions from their parent. Someone (or something, code, workflow etc) must break the permission inheritance for a subsite to get unique permissions. This post describes how to do that in the GUI: http://m.dummies.com/how-to/content/break-inheritance-permissions-in-sharepoint-2010-t.html

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