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Manage Files With No Checked In Version: Go to Library Settings and click the "Manage files which have no checked in version" link. If users have uploaded files but not checked them in, the users who uploaded the documents will be the only ones who can see them. Fortunately, the site owner can take ownership of checked out files, then check them in. Version ...


I need to say thanks to Leopold for the help!! To whom it might concern, I implemented the push down of the site content type changes with the help of Johan Leino's article. With this approach you are able to also push down the changes to event receivers which are attached to the site content type.


First, you don't declare Content Types via CAML. You declare them using XML. CAML is the Query-Language used to query lists. If you declare Content Types via XML and deploy it by a Feature, the Content Type is created/updated on site collection level. However, if you use a Content Type in a List, then the list contains a child of that Content Type, which is ...


You can use <Contains> condition with CAML and filter on ContentTypeId column pass the value of "LanguageItem" ctype ID. You can also use BeginsWith <BeginsWith><FieldRef Name="ContentTypeId"/><Value Type="Text">ctypeID</Value></BeginsWith>


SPContentType contentType = curWeb.ContentTypes["Custom CT Name"]; SPField field = contentType.Fields["ArticleStartDate"]; contentType.FieldLinks[field.Id].Required = true; contentType.Update(); Use the FieldLinks property of the contenty type. There are quite a lot of examples explaining using this property. Refer msdn as well : FieldLinks

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