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You say you are jumping back and forth between IIS and VS, and in your description it sounds like a normal request timeout because you hit a breakpoint and did not continue from it? Is this what you are doing? IIS will timeout and kill the process you are debugging, as the server is no longer responding as you have a breakpoint stopping it or you take too ...


Just suggestions and explanation from own experiences here, but I can't add a comment yet: I just went through the process you are on right now. I had to modify the mentioned registry too, but not only before I wanted to configure my web application's search. Have you tried to navigate to your site collection using client computer's browser (i.e. not ...


Does the IIS log show anything about the request? If not, try Network Monitor to analyze incoming data. MS Network Monitor download site from microsoft.com You should do the whole repair by the way if you started it once.


This built-in account does not need a password and will be the default identity that is used when anonymous authentication is enabled. If you look in the applicationHost.config file you will see the following definition: <anonymousAuthentication enabled="true" userName="IUSR" defaultLogonDomain="" /> This tells IIS to use the new ...

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