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Absolute links to subsites that don't exist are treated as relative, but those that point to existing subsites work correctly. The trouble is that this doesn't change once the missing subsite has been created, so the trick is to actually remove the link and create a new one (even though its text and URL are just the same). This seems silly, so I'm not going ...


Use "../yoururl/targetlocation", with those two dots. Edit: Or you could also use the complete URL, e.g. http://sitecollection/subsite/


Just to share some code, this is how I got around the issue and it works perfectly. The code below would go inside a $(document).ready() function //About the following block of code //Because of SharePoint MDS, SP doesnt like appending data to the querystring of a navigation item. //If a navigation item has data appeneded like a ? or #, it gets stripped ...


We solved this by using an HTTP module scanning the DOM for anchor tags and using a regular expression to check if they are external or not (I think our comparison was something like, if the link contains HTTP then we assumed external). The http module would then apply a class to the anchor tag. Not sure if there is a way to do this with plain CSS. ...


If you download and edit the Masterpage through the web UI, you could add a button or link that goes back one page. The button could look like anything as long as it calls a function like: function goBack(){ history.go(-1); } Source Then you re-upload the Masterpage with the same file name. When making the button/link you can either place it ...


Mike - If the number of list items you are linking to is small (i.e. around 10) and will remain fairly static, this post may help you out: https://jennyssharepointtips.wordpress.com/2014/07/06/use-the-html-form-web-part-to-create-a-drop-down-of-links/

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